“Matt Wiley is the most exciting piano teacher I have studied with. He has an in-depth knowledge of music theory and he is a strong pianistic talent. However, it was his unique ability to break down that knowledge and share it in a way that was helpful, motivational and compassionate that made my piano lessons very meaningful. He has influenced me positively as a student and a fellow teacher.”

Dayvin Sterling - University of Alabama

“When it comes to teaching and inspiring music students, Matt Wiley at Capstone Music Academy is second to none.”

Buck Johnson - Aerosmith

"Matt Wiley has been a superb mentor this past year. His energy and charisma are contagious and his knowledge of music theory is extensive. Matt’s lessons have been instrumental in my recent acceptance to Berklee College of Music, which has been a lifelong dream of mine.”

Christophe Classé - Homewood School of Music

“Matt Wiley is an incredible pianist and is one of the few great performers in the world who is also a wonderful teacher. It is extremely valuable to have a teacher that is also very experienced in the real world. He truly wants to see his students succeed by encouraging them and providing them with every opportunity to do so.”

Brent McCullough - Black Jacket Symphony, Trace Adkins, Wayne Newton

“Matt Wiley is an exceptional teacher! I am a guitarist with a degree in Music who studied Jazz Theory with Matt. Matt is the most knowledgeable musician I know. He can explain things in a way that is easy to understand and makes music very relatable. He tied together things that I had been wondering about for years and really helped me understand many concepts that I use everyday. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and recommend him for any student, beginner or advanced.”

Derek Sellers - Professional Guitarist/Keyboardist