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Jeni Wiley

Born and raised in Muscle Shoals, it is no surprise that Jeni Wiley has been labeled a “soul singer”. But it is her Gospel roots, she says, that defines her as an artist. “I love my hometown and I am very proud of my heritage. I grew up in a wonderfully rich musical environment and some of my favorite memories are singing three and four-part harmonies in church.”

Jeni still sings at her church in Tuscaloosa, AL but has made a name for herself in the music industry as a session singer. Despite her passion for background vocals, friends and family coerced her into recording her first solo EP, “A Better Day”. The album features Jeni as both soloist and background vocalist along with vocal performances by fellow producer/songwriter, Buck Johnson. “We sort of backed into this project. It began as studio work for Alice Bargeron and Buck Johnson, dear friends of mine and amazing songwriters. Since no one had recorded these beautiful songs, we thought we would use them for my demo.”

As for long term goals and aspirations, Jeni would love to continue working as a studio singer but says she will continue to release her own projects as opportunities allow.