• HOW MUCH ARE LESSONS? Lessons range from $90/month to $125/month based on the instructor’s background, experience, and demand.


  • HOW LONG ARE LESSONS? Lessons are typically one 30 minute session a week although other options are available upon request.


  • HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG? Every student is different but "8" seems to be the magic number. Feel free to set up a trial lesson to have an instructor assess the child and see if they are ready. We also have toddler classes for ages 2-5. See our Capstone Kids page for more info.


  • WHAT SKILL LEVELS DO YOU TEACH? Our students range from beginners to professional musicians. All levels are taught and welcome!


  • DO YOU TEACH GROUP LESSONS? Yes, we currently offer band clinics and group guitar lessons. We will be adding group drum and group piano classes soon.


  • WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? 24-hour cancellation policy. "Same day" cancellations are forfeited.


  • CAN I SIT IN ON MY CHILD'S LESSONS? Of course, you are paying for them! BUT, many children (and instructors) find this to be a major distraction. It is important for us to develop a rapport with each student and we have found this to be difficult when the parents are present. We encourage the parents to sit in as long as they wish but hopefully give the instructors some space once they have earned their trust.


Please feel free to contact us directly with any other questions.